Carlanstown Kilbeg Community Development (CKCD CLG)

Carlanstown Kilbeg Community Development (CKCD CLG) was initially formed in 2011 on foot of Meath Partnership's Village Renaissance Initiative. With the support of Leader funding a Community Plan was developed via a public consultation process and the group are committed to the implementation of this plan and the development of their local community from a social, economic & cultural perspective.

CKCD CLG advocate on behalf of the community for improved infrastructure in terms of footpath provision & traffic calming measures and services. They are also responsible for Tidy Towns and Pride of Place working to enhance the aesthetics of our rural village. In 2016 CKCD CLG was nominated by Meath County Council to represent the county at the 32 county all Ireland IPB Pride of Place awards in Belfast at which they received a 1st Runner up award.

Working closely with local representatives and Meath County Council, CKCD CLG secured a lease on a 20-acre greenfield site known locally as The Deerpark. This site will be developed into a community park which will become a focal point in the area for community and recreational use. Work is almost complete on a 1.8km perimeter walkway and further developments are planned for 2018. With the support of Meath County Council, funding has been secured under the Town and Village Renewal scheme to extend the footpath infrastructure out to the pedestrian entrance and this work is expected to be completed over the coming year.

In 2015 the group set up a new social enterprise in the form of New to You Community Thrift Shop on Bective Square in Kells to raise much needed funds for community projects.
New to You Community Thrift Shop provides an important source of funding for a variety of community projects. Relying on the kind donations from members of the community, CKCD CLG also provide financial assistance to other community & voluntary groups in the Kells district. Using what people no longer need to provide funding for local community needs, New to You has supported over 50 organisations financially in the last 3 years through small grants available via an application process. These groups vary from sports clubs, youth clubs, senior citizens groups and groups working with people with special needs.
You can follow CKCD on Facebook or The groups website is currently being updated but will be live from Feb 1st this year or for more information you can contact Bernie on 086 6097881

Meath Windmills  Information 

Meath Wind Information group would like to thank the people of Kells and the surrounding areas who supported their stance by submitting their objections to An Bord Pleanala against the Industrial Windmills. There was a group submission sent in by every housing estate in the town as well as all the hinterlands. As a result the project has been refused planning permission (for the second time). However, the developer is now challenging the refusal through Judicial review, which the community are not allowed to participate in.

Kells and its hinterland, is an area steeped in historical importance and beauty and the widespread installation of industrial wind turbines on the agricultural landscape will have huge implications for generations to come. The area has been shortlisted for recognition as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this project must be stopped all the way through grass root participation.

Our Story....Oristown National School Sports Hall Fundraiser.

With a new year comes a new project for our school. We are undertaking the next step in the development of our School Buildings in the Shape of a new School Hall. Our children already receive not only a brilliant education but also amazing extra curricular opportunities from our school. We feel that now is the time to provide them with the extra facilities that they have been lacking till now.

The new hall will not only provide us with a much-needed new classroom, as our prefab has been irreparably damaged, but also with an indoor, all-weather sports facility. We are lucky that our children already participate in so much sport with the school. The new hall will be a wonderful new resource used to further encourage a love of sport that will hopefully stay with the children all their lives.

When complete, the hall wont be just a huge asset to the school, we hope that it will serve the whole community of Oristown as we plan to make it available after school to the wider community for event and sports.