Kells - The Reawakening

Kells Reawakening brings together an extensive list of top class local and international talent, with skilled storytellers and musicians primed to celebrate the very artistic traditions which have been so central to Irish heritage and culture since the time of our earliest ancestors; traditions which have carried the people of Kells through the highs and lows of our six thousand years of continued settlement.

Kells Reawakening is about recognising and appreciating all of the work that has been done over the last number of years through the existing sports & activity clubs, musical and drama groups,  festivals of arts, culture, literary, documentary/film, projects like street parties, street enhancements, cinema reopening, initiatives like the re-establishment of lettering as an art form, the discovery of the old printing works, the opening of the new playground etc. workshops and conferences endeavouring to make the town better. All these endeavours have been welcomed and well attended by the locals.
at a time when the newspapers have been calling the area one of the most deprived in Ireland, our community is turning out in very large numbers to share their vision and give their views on “What You Want Your Town to Be”. It has become so evident that the recession had not destroyed Kells, but rather a renewed sense of community, contribution & volunteering has been rising, which has culminated in the re-igniting of the fires of Kells!

Let us together explore the ways that can help bring Kells onto the next step of its Reawakening.

Mission Statement

Community Inclusion through Arts, Culture, Heritage, Sports, Education, Tourism and Enterprise, thus creating a unique identity in the North East, through the concept of Meath as the Fifth Province.


Traditional Meath had been Ireland’s Ancient Fifth Province up until 1170’s. After the Normans took control of Ireland in the twelfth century, they replaced the system with counties, and so over time, the Fifth Province of  Mide got divided into the counties Meath and Westmeath, and absorbed into the Province of Leinster. Meath Eireis still referred to as the ‘Royal County’, hailing from its place of prominence in the past. The long term aim of the project is to conceptually re-define and market Meath as the 5th Province - a Province for Arts, Heritage & Culture, created through grass roots and community inclusion. Kells Reawakening is the first step in this journey.

Short Term Objective (3 years)

To collaborate with local active groups and inhabitants within Kells and the Hinterlands.
including natives who have emigrated, we welcome everyone from the ground up to use their skills and gifts to give back to the town and surrounds.
To facilitate patrons to support the town/area.
Over the last 100 years, a huge diaspora of the people of Kells have left home and achieved so much on an international scale - as artists, musicians, academics, business people and politicians, nationally and globally. They, along with the local people are joining forces to celebrate our people, culture & heritage. We want to acknowledge the past success stories, support the current endeavours and encourage future inspiring ideas into existence - both within local communities and on the international platform.

Ultimate Objective

  • Collaboratewith the inhabitants, communities, and groups to support and showcase the amazing work cogswhich is ongoing in the town/surrounding districts, and to build on these successes as we move forward into the hinterland and throughout Meath, as the new Fifth Province.
  • Promote A strategic approach to marketing and promotion, to benefit all the wonderful work that is being done (both here and abroad) within our community, under the banner of Arts, Heritage, Culture, Sports, Education, Tourism and Enterprise.


  • Support  for the amazing work that is going on, and a celebration of the contribution of volunteers, natives, inhabitants to their communities. We even the many natives that have left their homes and impacted on the international platform.
    To support projects, ideas, initiatives that are for the benefit of the Province and its people, and to assist with any good ideas that people have, to progress this work.
  • Fundraiseto look innovatively at funding privately though sponsorship and locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, as well as public sector monies to be used for the overall good of the area of the Meath Fifth Province.